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Featuring Ed Rosenthal

Exercising the Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble,

And to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances

Tuesday May 15, activists and volunteers from across the state will rally at the capitol building in Lansing in support of the historic effort to repeal state marijuana prohibition for adults age 21 and over by amending the Michigan Constitution. Attendees will hear from a diverse group of speakers and learn how to help get the amendment on the ballot for the election in November 2012

Ed Rosenthal, California horticulturist, author, publisher and activist will be speaking about promoting policies of civil regulation for medical marijuana.

“This, our work to repeal marijuana prohibition, is exactly what our founding fathers meant when they said that the people should have ability to petition the government for redress of grievances, said Campaign Director Matthew Abel. “ We are aggrieved by the hypocrisy of the Federal Government in continuing to declare that cannabis has no medical use, even after filing patents on medicinal uses of cannabis. It is outrageous!”

The Committee for a Safer Michigan (www.repealtoday.org) will be gathering signatures in order to put this before voters in November, as well as collecting completed petitions from volunteers.

“This one is for our volunteers,” said Brandy Zink, CSM volunteer coordinator and steering committee director. “We want to acknowledge our hard working volunteers for their dedication, and sacrifice to help bring forth this peoples initiative. This is the power of the people. We are truly a grass roots movement.”

The Committee is also sending a message to the people of Michigan, and their legislators:

“Four bills affecting medical marijuana patients just passed the house,” said Campaign Director Matthew Abel, “We consider several of the provisions in those bills as an affront to the will of the people. There is nothing in those bills that acknowledges, respects, enforces or creates protections for patients and caregivers. This is one big reason why we’re working to legalize marijuana: the refusal of state officials to respect and implement the will of the people. Legalizing marijuana will redirect scarce law enforcement resources, allow cultivation and commercial use of industrial hemp, and give Michiganders more freedom.”

WHAT: Rally for Repeal of Marijuana Prohibition in Michigan

WHEN: Tuesday, May 15 from 11 am – 2 pm

WHERE: Lansing Capital Building Front Steps and Lawn

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Media Inquiries:

Matthew Abel, Campaign Director 313-446-2235

Brandy Zink, Volunteer Coordinator 313-446-2235

Tom Lavigne, Policy Director 313-319-0416

Charmie Gholson, Media Relations 734-620-7277


US Drug Czar Needs a Better Spin Doctor

Posted by Charmie

The White House has quietly issued more responses to the massive number of requests from Americans who ask the Obama administration to please, for the love of God, explain why they won’t legalize marijuana for any reason, whatsoever.

If you were hoping for a glimpse of sanity, truth or maybe even some new rhetoric, fuggedaboutit. Same old message. Same lies we’ve debunked a thousand time.

Question: Why can’t Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowski, can’t make these lies sound better?  He’s the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, you know he’s got to have a few high level military officials and strategists he can ring up and say, “Hey Bob, I need to tell every single American Veteran, and that relentless Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access Director Michael Krawitz “No, for the millionth time, you can’t use marijuana for medicine. We’ll continue to attack you with weapons if you do, but thanks for your service anyway.’  How do I make that sound better?”

Answer: These are the bizarre, last gasps of a dying policy:

What We Have to Say About Marijuana and Veterans

By Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy

Many brave men and women who have risked their lives in service to our country are now suffering from physical, mental health, and substance abuse problems. We have an obligation to care for our military families and veterans and to improve their lives by increasing access to vital treatment services specifically geared toward our military heroes. While the Administration continues to support research on what parts of the marijuana plant may be used as medicine, neither the Food and Drug Administration nor the Institute of Medicine has found smoked marijuana to meet the modern standard of safe or effective medicine. We will continue working with our partners in the medical community to ensure that veterans have access to science-based medical treatments and get the help they and their families need.

And as far as the response regarding Hemp, take a look for yourself. They might as well have said, “American farmers deserve our Nation’s help, unless you want to grow Hemp.” I really like the, “balancing the need to protect public health and safety,” phrase. Hilarious. Rapists and murderers go free while politicians, prosecutors and law enforcers focus on marijuana.

What We Have to Say About Marijuana and Hemp Production

America’s farmers deserve our Nation’s help and support to ensure rural America’s prosperity and vitality. Federal law prohibits human consumption, distribution, and possession of Schedule I controlled substances. Hemp and marijuana are part of the same species of cannabis plant. While most of the THC in cannabis plants is concentrated in the marijuana, all parts of the plant, including hemp, can contain THC, a Schedule I controlled substance. The Administration will continue looking for innovative ways to support farmers across the country while balancing the need to protect public health and safety.

I would tell you to write your representative, call the White House and educate your friends, but I’m sure you’re already doing that.

Sign the petition. End Prohibition.


Statement of Opposition to House Bills 4834, 4851 and 4856


Statement of Opposition to House Bills 4834, 4851 and 4856

April 16, 2012

In November, 2008, 63% of Michigan voters approved the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act(MMMA).

The MMMA was approved by voters in every single County and District in our State.

Proposed House Bills 4834, 4851 and 4856 would weaken the protections and rights granted to patients, caregivers and physicians by the passing of the MMMA. These bills place sensitive information that was promised to be protected by the MMMA in the hands of many who simply put, do not require the confidential information. Additionally, they do not protect a patient or caregiver’s Constitutional right to a jury trial or properly provide a patient or caregiver with a viable Affirmative Defense that is respected in the Court of Appeals.

The proposed bills will further limit protections for patients, caregivers and physicians, and serve only to strengthen and increase the number of prosecutions against the very people the MMMA was overwhelmingly passed to protect.

Organizations, advocacy groups, physicians, attorneys, prominent citizens and those involved with the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program have come together to ask, in unity, for opposition to these bills.

Press Release: Cannabis Coalition Unifies State In Opposition To House Bills



Cannabis Coalition Unifies State In Opposition To House Bills

Participants, patients argue current bills contain unacceptable compromises reached for the wrong reasons

Cannabis law reform activists have formed a coalition to articulate their response to the proposed House Bills regulating the Michi-gan Medical Marijuana Act (MMA). The current content contained in the bills is unacceptable; despite the best efforts of House Representatives and interested parties the bills contain new penalties, not protections, for patients. Protectors of the MMA, cannabis legalization supporters, civil rights advocates and supportive groups have signed onto the Notice in a show of unified strength. Special interest groups have altered the character of the proposed bills into a package of problems for patients. The signatories contained in this document speak for the 200,000 + MMA registrants, the unregistered supporters, the families of the ill: we are mighty, we are not to be ignored, and we will remember. The Release attachment contains this text and the list of signers.

We the undersigned in unity OPPOSE HB 4834 and officially request a No vote from you, our Representatives, on the proposed bill, to avoid the nullifying of Patients and Caregivers civil and constitutional rights, privileges and protections. HB 4834 would directly remove the most vital and keystone protections currently afforded patients. Patient and caregiver information would no longer be strictly confidential, and their private medical treatment choice will be available to a near endless list of authorized “officials” including “Security Personnel” or “Recreation Officers” hired by the State or local townships who have no need for such sensitive information. HB 4834 will allow officers or security personnel to easily gain access to the registry without a warrant. We, the undersigned, find this unacceptable.

HB 4834 would also remove probable cause protections for the simple possession of a Patient or Caregiver Identification Card. HB 4834 would allow authorities to search the person or property of a citizen whom is legally in possession of a marihuana registry identification card, “or otherwise subject the person or property of the person to inspection by any local, county or state governmental agency” for the mere possession of an identification card. MCL 333.26426(g).

Currently, when a patient or caregiver presents their valid card to an official, they are not subject to inspection, search or seizure of their person or property. HB 4834 would allow an officer to search the patient or caregiver, their vehicle, their home and any other property that patient or Caregiver has, just for the mere possession of a valid registry identification card.

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act was passed for two compelling reasons. First, to allow sick and disabled patients safe access to medical marihuana, and then most importantly, to protect those patients from law enforcement, court proceedings, forfeiture, and to ensure the confidentiality of participation in the program. We, the undersigned believe these core principles are being intruded upon in HB 4834.

Please Vote against HB 4834.

We, the undersigned, request a No vote from you, our Representatives, on HB 4851 and HB 4856. In their current form, these bills are unacceptable and place unattainable requirements upon patients and their caregivers. In HB 4856, the requirement for patients or caregivers when traveling in a vehicle with no trunk, a motorcycle, an ATV or a bicycle are completely objectionable because of the unreasonable language added to the bill 3/29/2012. As we understand it, a patient or caregiver would need to strap their medicine to the roof of their vehicle to make it “inaccessible” from the interior of the vehicle and anyone on a motorcycle or bicycle cannot satisfy this requirement at all.

In HB 4851, the amended language to Section 8 Affirmative Defense does not allow equal access to the court system for patients and caregivers to present a medical marijuana defense. This is still discriminatory and must be amended. Realize there has been no successful use of the affirmative defense at the Court of Appeals level. To further limit a patients and caregivers right to mount a defense is totally unacceptable to most Americans.

We the undersigned, in unity, request full opposition to HB 4834 because it is a bill born from ill intentions and will de-stroy the most cherished and vital protections of patients and their caregivers. We also request opposition to HB 4851 and HB 4856 due to improper language which create unattainable requirements.

For additional information please contact: Attorney Michael Komorn 248 357-2550








Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Mike flattens the image

Mike flattens the image

Applying the decal on the Just 4 Us window
Applying the decal on the Just 4 Us window
Finishing touches on the sign at 9 Mile

Finishing touches on the sign at 9 Mile

Finishing touches on the sign at 9 Mile
Finishing touches on the sign at 9 Mile
Just 4 Us and their window sign on 9 Mile Rd in Ferndale

Just 4 Us and their window sign on 9 Mile Rd in Ferndale

Thompson installs the sign on 9 Mile Road
Thompson installs the sign on 9 Mile Road
McShane and the repealtoday.org sign on 9 Mile

McShane and the repealtoday.org sign on 9 Mile

The Repeal Today standing sign
Hash Bash sign

Hash Bash sign

Big banner

A big banner flies over Hash Bash encouraging people to sign the petition to repeal prohibition

The standing sign

More photography from the Press Conference

Christeen Landino


Christeen Landino, verification Director for the Committee for a Safer Michigan, speaks at the press conference launching the campaign

Committee for a Safer Michigan welcome and thanks

Hello everyone!

The Committee for a Safer Michigan would like to thank everyone who has devoted their time to make the end of cannabis prohibition in Michigan a reality. Please keep an eye on the blogs, our Facebook pages, and your email to learn more about our signature drive and how you can participate. Thanks again for your continued support! Together we can do great things!

Rick Thompson, member

Committee for a Safer Michigan Steering Committee